Dust seems to be everywhere, especially when you hate to dust. It accumulates in a home at an amazing pace.

Obviously, dusting has to be done. Here's how to keep dusting time down to the bare minimum.

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First, always remember to dust top-down. You should always start with cobwebs on the ceiling, then move to fixtures, then high shelves, then tables and furniture, then finally chairs.

The next thing to do in your battle against dust is to break out the vacuum. The floor is your next surface. It seems weird to think of dusting a floor, but when you vacuum that's pretty much what you are doing. When you dust surfaces, all of the dust you remove that doesn't cling to your duster or cloth ends up on the floor. If you vacuum after you dust, you'll keep the dust from resettling on the surfaces in your home.

Another important thing to remember is that dry dust cloths don't do a very good job. In general, they just move the dust around, rather than removing any of it. You should be using a wet dust cloth, not a dry one, so that dust will cling.

When you wet your cloth, wring it back out. The goal is that it will be wet and dust will cling to it. You don't want it sopping wet and making the dust into mud! If the cloth gets too dirty, you may need to change it out or clean it before continuing.

The best idea is to try to cut down the amount of dust that is going to accumulate in your house in the first place. A good air filter will really help cut down on the dust you'll see in your home, as will not smoking in your home. And remember to air out the home every so often. Open your windows and let air flow through, this really helps.

If you are still finding yourself spending a lot of time dusting, or looking at everything you have to dust and giving up, ask yourself if you have a clutter or knickknack issue. If you can't stay on top of your dusting because of too many knickknacks, get rid of some of them. Knickknacks have become clutter when they are hard to maintain and just collecting dust.

How-To - Cleaning Dust in Your Home

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