Just imagine how clean vertical blinds were when you first bought them. Wasn't it nice to look at them? But in time stains have come up and the color changed to grey tones due to the dirt accumulated. If you want to know how to clean vertical blinds at home, without using any expensive machine or materials read this article to the end. You too can follow these simple steps and clean vertical blinds without any cost.

Step 1

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The first step is, of course, to remove the vertical blinds. This has to be done carefully so you won't damage the blades. You shouldn't use undue force, just gently lift the top of the blade and unhook them from the tracking system. Fold the blades in half and be careful not to cause any creases in the fabric.

Step 2

Pour cold water in the bath tub, so it will be half full. Pour into the water a quarter of cup of a gentle cleanser and to that you can add, optionally, some liquid detergent or carpet cleaning solution. Stir the water well to dissolve all the substances.

Step 3

Next, you put the blinds in the bath tub and leave them for at least 45 minutes to soak. It is interesting to see how the water changes color, showing how much dirt the blades have accumulated. For the spots that haven't come out just by soaking in the water, use a nail brush. Be careful not to damage the fabric.

Step 4

Pull the plug and let the water from the tub drain. Pour in cold water again to rinse the vertical blinds. After that lift the blades and hold them above a bucket to drain the water in excess. Carry the blades still holding them over the bucket back into the room. This will prevent the water to drip on the floor.

Step 5

Finally, install the blades back to the tracking system. Use a towel to wipe the blades and leave them in that position. It will take about 30-45 minutes, depending on the material, for the fabric to dry. The whole process will take probably one or two hours, depending on how many blinds you have in the house.

And now, if you look at the blades you will see the answer to that initial question you had in mind: how to clean vertical blinds? You have done a good job, one that you can be proud of. From time to time you have to do this procedure, which will brighten the room and give it a fresh look. It is worth it.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds - 5 Easy Steps

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