If you want to make extra money, you may turn to Craigslist.org to search their gigs section. Here you will find one-time and short-term gigs or projects. There is a special section for domestic opportunities. What are you likely to find listed?

Childcare jobs. When parents need a babysitter, they often turn to Craigslist to find local childcare providers. A mom may need a babysitter for one Saturday night or she may need a nanny to provide care for one week while her normal babysitter is on vacation. What is nice about childcare gigs is that they can lead to more. Parents like to share good babysitters with others and your one-time job may turn into an ongoing one.


Home aides. Home aides are similar to childcare providers, but the charge is usually an elderly adult. Home aides vary. When medical attention is sought, an individual is usually looking for a registered nurse. There are however, non-medical gigs. This may be a son who is looking for someone to keep his elderly father occupied during the day. Your tasks may involve preparing lunch, paying games, or just chatting.

Housekeepers. Another common gig offered on Craigslist in their gigs section is for housekeepers. As with childcare providers, a housekeeping gig has the potential to turn into more. If you do a good job, your clients are likely to return to you for repeat business. Luckily, lots of homeowners need housekeepers. Even though you are only accepting gigs on an as-need basis, there is still the potential to earn a part-time or full-time income!

Childcare gigs, home aid gigs, and housekeeping gigs, are just a few of the many domestic projects that you will find listed on Craigslist.org.

Domestic Gigs on Craigslist - What You May Find

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