Cleaning Up A Messy House Can Be Fun

When you were growing up did your parents require you to clean up the house but didn't show you how to do it? Did you want to tell your parents you needed further instruction but they expected you to instantly know what "Clean the house!" meant? Well, that's unfortunate. Maybe there was a reason...

Clean Home

Your Parents Might Have Been Confused

Suppose that your parents were really aliens from another planet. Is that possible? Anything is possible...maybe you can imagine that your alien parents LOVED to goof off playing video games like Pong and Pac Man instead of cleaning house. Yeah, I'm sure that's possible. Ok. Maybe not...

How Do We Clean A Messy House On Earth?

We find a way to enjoy cleaning. So sorry your ITZADILLY parents were clueless. So, here's one of my best messy house cleaning tips. You can use it no matter how old you are now.

Best Tip To Enjoy Cleaning Up A Messy House

Make a game of cleaning.

Pretend you are 5 years old with your Fairy Godmother (FG). The two of you are wearing your lucky hats. The rules for enjoying cleaning up a messy house are that you do a lot of laughing.

Your FG says, "Let's set the timer for 90 seconds. The first one who collects the most red things up off the floor in the bathroom gets to make funny faces in the mirror. What do you think of that idea?"

You make a face of disapproval like a little kid would do, but then you say with great delight, "OKAY!"

Your FG says, "Okay, ready, set, go!"

You and your FG race to the bathroom. The both of you are trying to squish into the small bathroom. FG is darting her eyes left, then right, looking for something red. There's nothing on the floor that's red. She's grabs a blue flip flop.

"FG, you said red stuff on the floor."

"I know, I know. But I'm feeling desperate here. I LOVE to win!" Then, you both burst out laughing. You grab the flip flop from FG's hand and say, "I win!"

FG grabs the flip flop from you and says jokingly, "Uh uh." and runs out of the bathroom clinging it in her right hand. You fall down laughing on the toilet seat and say, "This is the funnest time I've ever had cleaning up!"

Did you like that method of cleaning a messy house? Well, there's plenty more where THAT came from. AND, it's all in your MIND. Imagine the possibilities!

Clutter and Hoarding - Cleaning Up a Messy House

The "Wandering Butterfly Clean Up Technique" is a wonderful way to make it easy to clean up. It is excellent to use when you don't feel like cleaning up, yet you get something done! To receive the free document, click here

Many clutterers benefit from the gentle, easy and empowering process of hypnotherapy, especially with a hypnotherapist who specializes in clutter. Beverly E. Taylor, the "Clean Up Queen" is the only person in the world who has written a book using hypnosis to help people easily clean up clutter.

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