What will your hotel do for National Housekeeping Week this year?

If you didn't recognize your Housekeeping Staff this year, shame on you. Begin planning now for next year.


Our hotel truly celebrated, and I must say that I'm very proud. Each day we had events in the ballroom. The housekeepers loved it. We gave out medals to the folks who won.....1st, 2nd & 3rd place. We even gave out some cash prizes.

On Thursday we had an all employee picnic. We had delicious food, that was served to us Banquet Style, snow cones, a basketball net....so much. It was awesome. And for fun we rented a dunking tank for all of the Manager's to go in.

The staff paid per ball to beam it at the target to dunk their Manager. Yes, even the General Manager got in it. We collected 0.00 which we donated to a local children's charity. It was really fun.

On Friday they were given a water bottle with our logo on it and the final competitions ended in the ballroom. They really liked it.

The Housekeeping Staff smiled, laughed and had a great time. It was truly bonding. And we hardly had any call outs that whole week.

It's been over since this past Friday. Individuals are still boasting about the medals.

I think we bartered anything that we needed. We didn't really have to pay out with the exception of our food cost and some gratuity for the workers ( 2 of them). The most we needed was our time. And that cost nothing.

Building morale, team work and trust....this will be your reward for taking some time out to celebrate a National Event.

So for next years National Housekeeping Week, acknowledge your Housekeeping Staff. Think about it. This is hard labor work that we certainly don't want to do. And for usually the least amount of pay. They deserve a little attention.

National Housekeeping Week - What Will Your Hotel Do to Recognize Your Housekeeping Staff?

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