If you want to make extra money, you may turn to Craigslist.org to search their gigs section. Here you will find one-time and short-term gigs or projects. There is a special section for domestic opportunities. What are you likely to find listed?

Childcare jobs. When parents need a babysitter, they often turn to Craigslist to find local childcare providers. A mom may need a babysitter for one Saturday night or she may need a nanny to provide care for one week while her normal babysitter is on vacation. What is nice about childcare gigs is that they can lead to more. Parents like to share good babysitters with others and your one-time job may turn into an ongoing one.


Home aides. Home aides are similar to childcare providers, but the charge is usually an elderly adult. Home aides vary. When medical attention is sought, an individual is usually looking for a registered nurse. There are however, non-medical gigs. This may be a son who is looking for someone to keep his elderly father occupied during the day. Your tasks may involve preparing lunch, paying games, or just chatting.

Housekeepers. Another common gig offered on Craigslist in their gigs section is for housekeepers. As with childcare providers, a housekeeping gig has the potential to turn into more. If you do a good job, your clients are likely to return to you for repeat business. Luckily, lots of homeowners need housekeepers. Even though you are only accepting gigs on an as-need basis, there is still the potential to earn a part-time or full-time income!

Childcare gigs, home aid gigs, and housekeeping gigs, are just a few of the many domestic projects that you will find listed on Craigslist.org.

Domestic Gigs on Craigslist - What You May Find

If you want to maximize your search, download the Craigslist Reader. Expand your search to other nearby cities to increase your earnings. This free desktop application allows you to search all of Craigslist, entire states, or multiple cities at once. Find paid gigs today and with ease.

Download the Craigslist Reader to paying gigs on Craigslist. Visit Motion Technologies, your one-stop resource for searchable software for classified websites, including Craigslist.

Just imagine how clean vertical blinds were when you first bought them. Wasn't it nice to look at them? But in time stains have come up and the color changed to grey tones due to the dirt accumulated. If you want to know how to clean vertical blinds at home, without using any expensive machine or materials read this article to the end. You too can follow these simple steps and clean vertical blinds without any cost.

Step 1

\"clean Home\"

The first step is, of course, to remove the vertical blinds. This has to be done carefully so you won't damage the blades. You shouldn't use undue force, just gently lift the top of the blade and unhook them from the tracking system. Fold the blades in half and be careful not to cause any creases in the fabric.

Step 2

Pour cold water in the bath tub, so it will be half full. Pour into the water a quarter of cup of a gentle cleanser and to that you can add, optionally, some liquid detergent or carpet cleaning solution. Stir the water well to dissolve all the substances.

Step 3

Next, you put the blinds in the bath tub and leave them for at least 45 minutes to soak. It is interesting to see how the water changes color, showing how much dirt the blades have accumulated. For the spots that haven't come out just by soaking in the water, use a nail brush. Be careful not to damage the fabric.

Step 4

Pull the plug and let the water from the tub drain. Pour in cold water again to rinse the vertical blinds. After that lift the blades and hold them above a bucket to drain the water in excess. Carry the blades still holding them over the bucket back into the room. This will prevent the water to drip on the floor.

Step 5

Finally, install the blades back to the tracking system. Use a towel to wipe the blades and leave them in that position. It will take about 30-45 minutes, depending on the material, for the fabric to dry. The whole process will take probably one or two hours, depending on how many blinds you have in the house.

And now, if you look at the blades you will see the answer to that initial question you had in mind: how to clean vertical blinds? You have done a good job, one that you can be proud of. From time to time you have to do this procedure, which will brighten the room and give it a fresh look. It is worth it.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds - 5 Easy Steps

Have you found interesting this information on how to clean vertical blinds? Then you could read a more detailed explanation of this whole process, plus some tips that could help you avoid some common mistakes which could damage your vertical blinds. Visit the site BlindsReviews.net to read blinds reviews and make an informed decision.

Make sure to use a safe ladder in order to reach this chandelier. By reading the directions below you should then be able to have a nice, clean chandelier looking good as new!

Start off by turning on lights that are near because you will not be able to use the chandelier lighting once you start to clean it. Turn off the light to the chandelier and put a piece of tape over the switch so nobody will turn the light on. Place plastic bags over any of the light bulbs and wrap a rubber band around it to keep it in place. Make sure to place a cloth underneath the fixture just in case anything drops onto the floor. One way to clean the fixture is to make your own solution or you could buy a special cleaner for your type of chandelier.


To make the solution you can mix a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol or ammonia in three parts distilled water. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Next, spray every part of the lighting with the solution, avoiding wires and any other electrical spots. Let the cleaning method drip dry, if your fixture is not good to let drip dry then you will have to clean each individual crystal with the spray. You should then remove the plastic bags and rubber bands from the fixture. Make sure not to turn on the chandelier until the day after so it will be completely dry.

Your chandelier should be looking as clean and shiny as new! No more problems trying to clean this, you should be good to go now for a few months until it needs another cleaning.

Chandelier Cleaning

Visit [http://www.paolettiscleaners.com] for more info.

Please visit [http://www.paolettiscleaners.com] to see more cleaning tips

What will your hotel do for National Housekeeping Week this year?

If you didn't recognize your Housekeeping Staff this year, shame on you. Begin planning now for next year.


Our hotel truly celebrated, and I must say that I'm very proud. Each day we had events in the ballroom. The housekeepers loved it. We gave out medals to the folks who won.....1st, 2nd & 3rd place. We even gave out some cash prizes.

On Thursday we had an all employee picnic. We had delicious food, that was served to us Banquet Style, snow cones, a basketball net....so much. It was awesome. And for fun we rented a dunking tank for all of the Manager's to go in.

The staff paid per ball to beam it at the target to dunk their Manager. Yes, even the General Manager got in it. We collected 0.00 which we donated to a local children's charity. It was really fun.

On Friday they were given a water bottle with our logo on it and the final competitions ended in the ballroom. They really liked it.

The Housekeeping Staff smiled, laughed and had a great time. It was truly bonding. And we hardly had any call outs that whole week.

It's been over since this past Friday. Individuals are still boasting about the medals.

I think we bartered anything that we needed. We didn't really have to pay out with the exception of our food cost and some gratuity for the workers ( 2 of them). The most we needed was our time. And that cost nothing.

Building morale, team work and trust....this will be your reward for taking some time out to celebrate a National Event.

So for next years National Housekeeping Week, acknowledge your Housekeeping Staff. Think about it. This is hard labor work that we certainly don't want to do. And for usually the least amount of pay. They deserve a little attention.

National Housekeeping Week - What Will Your Hotel Do to Recognize Your Housekeeping Staff?

Amber Lee is currently working as a Group or SMERFE Sales Manager at a big city airport hotel. See more of Ambers Hotel Sales Managers Tips and Helpful Hints on her website at The Hotel Sales Managers Elite Alliance http://www.hotelsalesmanager.com

Many people have an issue with the price of professional dry cleaning. This fact alone has led many to seek out different, less expensive methods such as home dry cleaning treatments. While they provide a cheaper alternative to professional dry cleaning, many remain skeptical as to how effective they really are.

The Process

Clean Home

Regardless of its name, dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene to remove soil and stains from fabric. It is able to dissolve greases and oils and prevents shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion. The process begins with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents. The garments are then loaded into a machine and washed with perchloroethylene, then pressed and packaged.

Two types of home dry cleaning products exist: with a dryer bag (i.e. Dryel) and without a dryer bag (i.e. Dry Cleaner's Secret). Both processes begin with removing spots with the provided spot remover before either placing the garments into either the dryer bag or directly into the dryer along with the cleaning cloth, depending on the product. When the garments come out of the dryer they are wrinkle-free and typically require no other treatment.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Professional dry cleaning has obvious benefits, obvious drawbacks, and less obvious drawbacks that need to be brought to light.

When you bring your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, you can typically expect nothing less than perfect. Your clothes will most likely be clean and stain-free, and all the wrinkles pressed out. The entire process is more precise and thorough than the alternative at-home dry cleaning methods. You get what you pay for. Speaking of which, the cost of professional dry cleaning is a major drawback. It's expensive, with prices ranging from nearly four dollars to over twenty dollars, depending on the size of the garment, the fabric and the amount of treatment needed.

A little known fact about the process of professional dry cleaning is that the chemical perchloroethylene poses health risks to both the people handling the garments while they are being cleaned, and the customers who wear the clothes afterward.

Home dry-cleaning is a cheaper alternative. It costs less than fifty cents per garment to dry clean at home if everything is done correctly. It also freshens and removes wrinkles in one simple process without the use of harmful chemicals. The biggest drawback is that home dry cleaning kits cannot remove stains that are larger than a dime and sometimes need to be touched-up after the first cycle.

The Verdict

The truth of the matter is that deciding between professional dry cleaning and home dry cleaning is a matter preference, budget, and necessity. If you have heavy or large stains, professionals can do the best job, but if you know that your local dry cleaner uses chemicals that may be harmful to your health then you might want to avoid using their service. If you have smaller stains or simply need to refresh a piece of clothing, then home dry cleaning is your best bet.

~Ben Anton

Dry Cleaner Secrets Exposed - Professional Home Dry Cleaning Alternatives

Want to learn more about dry cleaning at-home? You can read more on this article on our comprehensive home dry cleaning website.

The time comes after you have installed your laminate floors that they will need to be cleaned. Most people at this point stop and wonder how to clean laminate flooring? Is there special chemicals, is there a certain mop, should I go a certain direction? All these are questions that may enter your brain when it comes to cleaning laminate flooring.

When you finally are done wondering how to clean laminate flooring and ready to begin the first thing you will want to grab is your dry mop. these mops are available from many different manufactures and do the best job at cleaning the loose dirt off your floor. Dry mops usually have a disposable soft pad that once exhausted can be quickly changed and the cleaning continued. Make sure that you go the same direction as the seems of the floor. Because no laminate floor is perfectly flat there will always be slight uneven spots on the floor and If you go against the seams you may just trap dirt between the planks in these spots. That is the best way how to clean laminate flooring with a dry mop.

Clean Home

But what if you have stains or a spill on your floor, then the question how to clean laminate flooring will pop back into your head again. Even with stains or spills cleaning your floor is very simple. You should start by only using a floor cleaner that was made specifically for laminate flooring. This is very important because the wrong chemical can damage or ruin your floor very easily. If you in short supply of laminate floor cleaner you can use some Windex or a mixture of vinegar and water diluted 4:1. Never use a wood polishing chemical like pledge to clean your flooring. Although these chemicals will leave a beautiful shine they will also make the floor as slick as ice and could lead to a dangerous slip and fall!

Once you have the flooring cleaner just spray some on the spots to be cleaned and wipe dry with a towel. this is the a best way to go about using any liquid cleaners on your floor, to much liquid on your floor can leak between The flooring planks and cause damage and make the floor look worn.

How To Clean Laminate Flooring The Right Way

Learn more Cleaning and Care Tips For Wood laminate flooring

Cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar is definitely not the best approach. Installing hardwood flooring is typically an expensive proposition and you want to make sure that you take care of it so that it looks fantastic for many years to come. Thus it's important to learn a few do's and don'ts to protect your investment.

There are three basic enemies of polyurethane finished hardwood floors, vinegar is only one of them.

Clean Home

Wax, Oil or Perfumed Hardwood Floor Cleaners:

The largest misconception in the industry is that floor cleaners can restore a dull polyurethane finish to its original shine. This is just not true. It is possible to remove a layer of grime or whatever that has built up over time and reveal the original shiny finish if it is still in good shape. But proper hardwood floor cleaners are designed to leave NO residue on the floor, thus you can only work with what you have in the first place.

Any floor cleaner that suggests it "shines" your floor must be leaving behind an oil or wax. It looks great on the day of application but leads to future problems. It is difficult to remove and prevents the adhesion of new finishes if you do in fact get to a point that you want to refinish to your hardwood floor. It forces you into a labour-intensive waxed floor maintenance regime that your mother was always trying to get away from.

Water, Your Floor's Worst Enemy!

Most floors today are factory finished. That means that the finish starts and stops at the edges of every board. In the dry seasons of the year your wood floor shrinks, leaving pathways between boards allowing water penetration. Thus it is highly recommended NOT to wet mop a floor and risk leaving a puddle of water sitting in these cracks that will cause your floor to swell and discolor. It is much better to use a terry cloth mop and spray a light mist of cleaner or water onto the mop or the floor.

Vinegar, To Do or Not?

And lastly should you use vinegar? Remember that cleaning a hardwood floor is all about cleaning NOT WOOD, but rather the chemical finish on the wood. You know by experience that anything acidic will etch chemical finishes. Now I'll agree that vinegar is a very mild acid and floor finishes today are extremely tough, but when cleaning hardwood floor with vinegar, used weekly, over years of application it will leave microscopic surface scratches that cause the light to deflect in strange ways and reduce overall shine. If there are better "neutral" cleaning products available why take the chance?

Read more about the 7 essential maintenance issues on how to clean hardwood floors so that they stay looking beautiful for your lifetime.

Cleaning Hardwood Floor With Vinegar - A Definite No

Karen Lacasse draws on 25+ years of woodworking experience, both as a woodworking teacher and industrial woodworker/owner of Lacasse Fine Wood Products. She is the author behind http://woodsthebest.com where you will find articles and resources to help with all your buying decisions for Hardwood Flooring. She designs woodworking craft patterns and shares her wood crafting knowledge.

With so many vacuum cleaners on the market today how can a consumer know what one to buy for house cleaning purposes? It is never easy to sort out the pros and cons but that is an excellent starting point to begin the search for the best vacuum. I have researched the market and spent many hours pondering which machine would be the best. I wrote a list of what was important to me before researching what was available. I did not do the research because I love vacuum cleaners but instead because I use and depend on them everyday in our cleaning business. Vacuum cleaners come in two basic types as most people know an upright and a canister.

In today's market some vacuum cleaner companies make a backpack vacuum, which as the name suggests is a vacuum that straps to your back. A few home cleaning service companies use a backpack vacuum but that is not a usual choice for a home owners use. Why carry a vacuum on your back when there is no need to? My research brought to light one brand of vacuum that consistently scored higher than the rest and most of the time at the number one spot.

Clean Home

What were important to me were several criteria.

First, the machine must do an excellent job picking up dirt, dust, and debris. As you can imagine, our customers would be upset if their floors were not clean after we completed our work.

Second, the machine should be durable and dependable. I have used machines that are a waste time because the belts break frequently or the hose clogs easily.

Third, the vacuum must be light. Home cleaning is a physically challenging endeavor especially when doing several in a day. Usually cleaning the floor is the most physical part of our daily house cleaning work. We have clients that purchased the wrong machine for home use. Little or no thought went into how difficult it would be to lift the heavy machine they own to the second and third floors. Pushing a heavy vacuum around from room to room can be a drag if the machine is too heavy.

Forth, ease of use was important to me. Bending over to wrap a cord up every time you are done is not what I would consider for a vacuum cleaner as easy to use, especially when there are other options available.

Fifth, good vacuums come with a HEPA filter. If you suffer from asthma or allergies a HEPA filter will keep your air clean. I can still remember as a child the smell of dirt and dust in the air after mom was done vacuuming around our home. All professional house cleaning service companies use machines with true HEPA filtration.

We tested and daily use the Miele canister vacuum. At this time they discontinued their flagship model vacuum which went by the name Blue Moon but they still have many top of the line models to choose from. All their vacuums have many features that will help you to do the job easier and quicker. Check their web site at milele.com for all your your vacuum needs.

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner For House Cleaning Needs?

Mr. Maid Cleaning is a family owned Pittsburgh based residential and commercial cleaning company. Go to http://www.mr-maid.com and sign up to receive your free monthly newsletter.

One of the main reasons people start businesses is to make money. For some it's a blessing to make money doing something they love. I'm not saying that you have to love house cleaning in order to have a successful house cleaning business; however it would be a good idea if you didn't hate it.

How much money you make depends on how big you want your business to be. It could be a one person operation where you set up at home and service areas close to home, or you could set up a commercial office and hire people to work for you.

Clean Home

Here are 7 simple steps to get you started on your own house cleaning business.

1) Decide exactly what kind of house cleaning services you will offer.

Here you decided what cleaning you will do, like making beds, vacuuming, mopping and waxing floors, dusting and so on. Also note what you won't do, e.g. laundry. You can also decide to specialize, e.g. by cleaning carpets only, or cleaning suspended ceilings only.

2) Pricing your housecleaning service.

To have an idea of how to charge for your housecleaning service, use your competition. Check your telephone directory and the classified ads section in your local newspapers for cleaning businesses, call them up (pretend to be a prospective client) and find out exactly what cleaning services they offer and how much they charge. With this information gathered decide the best price to charge for your cleaning service.

3) Workout startup costs.

For this you need to consider, tools, material, transport, advertising, insurance etc. Write down a list all the tools and material you need, like cleaners, sponges, mops, carpet cleaning equipment etc. Next find out the cost of each item on the list and write it down next to the item.

Transport: you will have to estimate your costs here. You see it depends on where your client is located and your means of transportation to get to your client. (Having your own vehicle would be to your advantage).

Advertising: You can use free advertising (word of mouth) and paid advertising (classifieds, telephone directory ads etc). Phone calls to your local newspaper and the telephone company who publish your telephone directory will tell you the cost of placing ads.

Once you've gathered all this information, calculate your total startup costs.

4) Name your business.

Choosing an appropriate name for your house cleaning business is important. Here are a few examples I got of the internet, 'Maid Brigade', 'All Shine Cleaning', 'White Glove Cleaning Service'. Please avoid using 'Your Name Cleaning Services'. Using your own name as part of your business name is over done by many house cleaning businesses. Brainstorm and come up with a name that helps you stand out of the crowd.

5) Learn the zoning regulations of your community.

Check the city clerk's Office or your local library for a copy for a copy of the zoning laws governing your community. Your reason for doing this is that some zoning regulations prohibit home businesses in a community.

6) Do a few free cleaning jobs.

Well you're not actually doing them for free. You're doing them in exchange for references (these add to your credibility for future paying clients and are invaluable). You can offer these free cleaning jobs to friends, non profit organizations in your communities etc.

7) Get your first paying client then get another and another and another and so on.

Tell everyone you know that you've started a cleaning business and place ads in the local newspapers. In the beginning you need to spend most of your time and money getting paying clients. However, the more clients you get the less time and money you spend on marketing and more time you spend on cleaning and making your clients happy.

This is just the beginning. Once you start making money take a house cleaning business course to help you better manage your business in terms of growth, accounting, taxes, insurance better marketing strategies and more.


You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated. fayolap@yahoo.com

How to Start A House Cleaning Business In 7 Simple Steps

About The Author

Fayola Peters is the webmaster of housecleaning-tips.com. To find more information about a house business cleaning course check out her website at http://www.housecleaning-tips.com.


If you are thinking about starting your own house cleaning business, begin by evaluating your present circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but how you reply will affect what you do.

How much strength and stamina do you have? If you have lots, you can schedule more house cleaning jobs than someone who is more average in these ways.

Clean Home

What times of the week are you available? If you have a job, weekly meetings of any kind, or children that you want or need to be with at certain times, draw up a schedule of when you can be available for your new house cleaning business. Don't worry if there are only a small number of hours per week that you can work right now. That will be enough to get you started, and you will be glad of the income.

Do you want to work alone or with your partner or another friend? If you have someone compatible to work with, it can be more fun to work together. Also, it can make it easier if you or your co-worker gets sick or has a family emergency come up.

There are many ways to get customers, and none of them have to cost much. Here are several:

Go to a local copy shop and have some business cards made up. (Or make them yourself on your computer if you happen to know how. Office supply stores sell boxes of cardstock already perforated for business card size. You'd need a program capable of making business cards.) Give these cards out and post them in grocery stores, laundromats, etc.

With a computer and a word processing program (or a poster-making program, if you happen to have one), you can make a one-page or half-page flyer that says something like: "Don't Have Time to Do It All? Let Lou's House Cleaning Business Make Your House Shine! Special Introductory Half-Price Offer!" Be sure to include your name, phone number, even your email if you have one that you check every day. Indicating your prices will get you more calls. Don't set your prices too low, a common tendency for new business owners.

Tell everyone you know. Get on the phone and tell your friends. Place a small classified ad in a local shopper-type paper.

Okay, you will soon be getting customers. How will you actually do the house cleaning? What tools do you need to start with? There are probably as many different answers to this as there are people who have started a house cleaning business. Here are some ways to decide what you will do: Poke around on the internet. Ask your mother. Go to a library or bookstore and read.

You may need to get a business license. Check with the city, town, or county, where you live. This rarely costs much.

So there you have it. You can start your own house cleaning business. Go for it!

How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Business

Rosana Hart tells you more about cleaning houses and offices for a living at her website, http://infoandhelp.com. It also has links to further information about all the details of how to start a house cleaning business.

Cleaning Up A Messy House Can Be Fun

When you were growing up did your parents require you to clean up the house but didn't show you how to do it? Did you want to tell your parents you needed further instruction but they expected you to instantly know what "Clean the house!" meant? Well, that's unfortunate. Maybe there was a reason...

Clean Home

Your Parents Might Have Been Confused

Suppose that your parents were really aliens from another planet. Is that possible? Anything is possible...maybe you can imagine that your alien parents LOVED to goof off playing video games like Pong and Pac Man instead of cleaning house. Yeah, I'm sure that's possible. Ok. Maybe not...

How Do We Clean A Messy House On Earth?

We find a way to enjoy cleaning. So sorry your ITZADILLY parents were clueless. So, here's one of my best messy house cleaning tips. You can use it no matter how old you are now.

Best Tip To Enjoy Cleaning Up A Messy House

Make a game of cleaning.

Pretend you are 5 years old with your Fairy Godmother (FG). The two of you are wearing your lucky hats. The rules for enjoying cleaning up a messy house are that you do a lot of laughing.

Your FG says, "Let's set the timer for 90 seconds. The first one who collects the most red things up off the floor in the bathroom gets to make funny faces in the mirror. What do you think of that idea?"

You make a face of disapproval like a little kid would do, but then you say with great delight, "OKAY!"

Your FG says, "Okay, ready, set, go!"

You and your FG race to the bathroom. The both of you are trying to squish into the small bathroom. FG is darting her eyes left, then right, looking for something red. There's nothing on the floor that's red. She's grabs a blue flip flop.

"FG, you said red stuff on the floor."

"I know, I know. But I'm feeling desperate here. I LOVE to win!" Then, you both burst out laughing. You grab the flip flop from FG's hand and say, "I win!"

FG grabs the flip flop from you and says jokingly, "Uh uh." and runs out of the bathroom clinging it in her right hand. You fall down laughing on the toilet seat and say, "This is the funnest time I've ever had cleaning up!"

Did you like that method of cleaning a messy house? Well, there's plenty more where THAT came from. AND, it's all in your MIND. Imagine the possibilities!

Clutter and Hoarding - Cleaning Up a Messy House

The "Wandering Butterfly Clean Up Technique" is a wonderful way to make it easy to clean up. It is excellent to use when you don't feel like cleaning up, yet you get something done! To receive the free document, click here http://www.easykeytoclutter.com

Many clutterers benefit from the gentle, easy and empowering process of hypnotherapy, especially with a hypnotherapist who specializes in clutter. Beverly E. Taylor, the "Clean Up Queen" is the only person in the world who has written a book using hypnosis to help people easily clean up clutter.

Stained by algae or not, roofs are cleaned using any of three common methods, each of which has its own set of pros and cons. These methods are, pressure washing, and the application of solutions containing either, chlorine bleach or sodium hydroxide. When performed correctly and only once, these techniques clean roofs effectively without significant adverse effects. The problem is, they usually have to be repeated every six to 18 months to maintain cleanliness.

Chlorine Solution Washes: Chlorine bleach solution application requires a lot less rinsing than the two other methods, thereby allowing a cleaning procedure of shorter duration. One good consequence of a quicker process is less wear and tear for the roof. However, chlorine can be toxic to some people and plants, so care should be exercised to protect employees or residents, as well as the property itself, from spray runoffs. Asphalt shingle roofs are particularly well adapted to this type of cleaning.

Clean Home

Sodium Hydroxide-Based Cleaning: This type of roof cleaning method can be very effective at degreasing roofs. However, this cleaning method takes a much longer time than chlorine bleach washing because the sodium hydroxide needs to be thoroughly rinsed. As a consequence, a roof becomes more at risk for being damaged. A force of 100 psi is enough to wash away the cleaning solution on asphalt shingle roofs, but the force is enough to cause some asphalt granules to get washed away during the rinsing process. Advertisements claim that sodium hydroxide is safe to use, but it can actually be toxic. Thus, make sure that the solution does not run off or come into contact with people, plants and anything in the surrounding area during the application and rinsing process. In addition, sodium hydroxide is corrosive so any residues left can damage the roof, particularly those that are made of asphalt shingles.

Pressure Washing: If you have a concrete, barrel tile or metal roof, you can clean it by power washing. Power washing does not involve the use of chemicals, which makes power washing an environment-friendly method of roof cleaning. However, power washing is rather time consuming and can put more strain on the roof. If you have coated roof tiles, the thin layer of coloring can be easily washed away by power washing. If you have a concrete roof, power washing will bring out the concrete's natural gray color, and this could mean that you will have to paint or stain the roof afterwards.

How To Clean Your Roof - The Right Way

David Lee is an expert on pressure washing and concrete cleaning. For more information see Atlanta pressure washing or Atlanta concrete cleaning or Atlanta roof cleaning.