The wet shampoo method used to be the most popular carpet cleaning services tampa method. The shampoo was spread over the carpet and scrubbed with a rotary machine. Since no rinse was performed, this method leaves a lot of residue over the carpet that can be sticky or foamy and would attract dirt on the carpet pretty soon.

The Hot water extraction is the preferred and most through out method. This involves the application of cleaning solutions on your carpet. Then it is left for a period of time to dissolve the dirt, spot and stains, helped by a scrubbing method. After that the carpet is rinsed with a cleaning tool using pressurized and hot water nd performing the proper extraction at the same time. The pressure is accurately set to make sure your carpet is rinsed well and combined with the powerful extraction, avoids over wetting your carpet and gives the less possible drying time. This is the method preferred for major carpet manufactures for the maintenance of the carpets and in order to keep the warranty of them should be performed at least two times a year.