Steam carpet cleaners are one of the best ways to clean a carpet for best results. if you have decided to but a new steam carpet cleaner, there are many factors that needs to be considered be fore you pick up the right one.

Here are some of the features, which you must look for in carpet cleaners.

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1) Since it is "carpet cleaner" it must have wheels at the bottom, so that you can easily move them around for cleaning all corners are areas with ease. Also check the length of the power chord so that you can move around easily.

2) You must check the weight of the steam carpet cleaner, before and after the water is filled in. It is quite obvious that you will be using the carpet cleaner with water filled in it for producing steam. You must be able to move it easily even after water filled in.

3) Another advantage of checking the weight is, you must be able to lift it to upper floors by hand.

4) Check the nozzle of the cleaner from where the steam is thrown out. Is adjustable with a capacity to regulate the throw of the steam. This feature is important because not al surfaces will require equal amount of heat. Also check the temperature of the steam that gets produced. For home use it must be 240 to 260 degrees.

5) Does the carpet comes as a package with cleaning accessories such as cleaning brushes, towels, etc. Also all other standards features such as servicing of the steam carpet cleaner of anything goes wrong, warranty, etc, must be checked. One of the most important points to consider while servicing is that, do the company have a service center in your local city or do they send your carpet cleaner to somewhere else for servicing. It should not happen that 15 days have gone in servicing your steam carpet cleaner because of the time taken in transportation from one city to another.

This was a small list of features to choose from. I hope it will help you as a starting guide in picking up the best carpet steam cleaners for home use.

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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners For Home Use

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