The name of your cleaning business will make up a large part of the perceptions that customers have about your brand. It will eventually become one of the most valuable assets that your company has, representing the sum total of all the goodwill that you build up over the years. The process of naming a cleaning business is indeed something that you should take very seriously.

One approach to naming a business is to give people a clear idea about what a business does so that people immediately know what a company can do for them. Other experts believe that this approach is too limiting and that as you may want to change the direction of your company in the future you should go for something a little more creative. abstract and versatile. Including the word 'cleaning' in a name is a good idea but you wouldn't want to describe the services that you offer to precisely in the name as you might discontinue that particular service at some point in time.


Using the owners name or the area where the business operates in as part of the business name, while seemingly adding a nice touch can also be limiting and inappropriate as your business evolves.

Depending on your budget you could even approach an expert in naming businesses to come up with something creative and effective for you. The naming decision is worthy of some expert attention as so many entrepreneurs regret their selection further down the road. Maybe business owners shouldn't name their own business when someone a little more objective and with more business experience could do a much better job.

A name should be reasonably short, distinct and memorable, separating a business from the crowd. Use strong words that command attention. Stay away from overused words like 'Global' or 'Best'.

Try out a few of your favorites on friends and family. Ask them what they think of your top choices and see if they can remember them the next day. Make sure that they can pronounce them correctly too.

Make sure that your selection is not already in use by another cleaning business. Check online and also do a database search at your city or county clerks office. You might also want to check to see if there is a suitable domain name as you will undoubtedly set up a website for your cleaning business at some point. Most importantly, you, as the business owner have to like the name. It has to inspire you, instill confidence in you and allow you to envision your success.

A name forms an important part of a companies overall branding strategy and is one of the factors contributing to overall success. Changing a cleaning business name in the future would cause a loss of brand power and would result in a serious inconvenience and expense. You should do everything that you can to get the name right first time round.

Creative Cleaning Business Names

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