Soft and absorbent cotton cleaning cloths are still great for projects such as polishing but get your hands on some microfiber cleaning cloths and you may put the cotton aside.

Microfiber cloths are made from a product you thought you left behind in the 70's, polyester (and nylon). This cloth is the wonder cleaning product of 21st century!

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Soft and resilient microfiber can hold up to seven times it's weight in water and absorbs oil wonderfully! Also it's unique properties make it ideal for cleaning glass items as it leaves no streaks behind.

Microfiber is a great product to use if you would like to have a green more natural home especially when it comes to your cleaning products.

Unless you need to disinfect a surface with microfiber cloths you don't need a potentially toxic cleaning solution. Perfect when combined with just hot water microfiber can clean things like mirrors, windows, walls, and non-food or bathroom counters leaving just nothing but clean behind.

Some of the different microfiber cleaning tools you can find are...

1. Mop heads

2. Dusting cloths

3. Window cleaning cloths

4. Scrubbing cloths

5. Furniture cleaning cloths

Some tips to keep in mind when working with microfiber cleaning cloths:

As with most things you get what you pay for. If it looks cheap it probably is. The more plush towels with more and finer fiber heads are what to look for.

When using to clean rinse in hot water, wring it dry and then wipe what you are cleaning.

Don't use bleach or fabric softener when washing your microfiber cloths.

Wash your microfiber cloths without other clothing or fabrics. They will attract lint from these items and then you won't have that lint free shine anymore.

Dry them in the dryer (not too high of they will melt). Although I know some people hang them to dry.

Are You Still Using Cotton Cleaning Cloths?

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