If you were to poll people, asking which housekeeping chore they liked least, what do you think it would be? What is your least favorite household chore? For me - and for a lot of others - it is cleaning the bathroom. Yuk! I use it every day; the germs in there belong only to my family, and yet I detest cleaning it! I know, however, that I cannot avoid it forever, so I make a plan to do it as quickly as I can. Let me tell you, then, step by step, how I clean the bathroom.

First, you need a bucket or some sort of container to hold and carry all the bathroom cleaning supplies: soap scum and mildew remover; surface cleaner; window cleaner; toilet bowl cleaner; rags; paper towels; sponges; scrub brushes; and floor cleaner. You certainly don't want to prolong the task by searching for supplies midway through! You might also want to create a checklist for yourself if that will help your efficiency.

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The second step requires you to enter into that frightening room itself. But you are still doing prep work. Take out all dirty clothes, towels, and rugs. Put everything that is out of place back into place. I sometimes play a game with myself. I will put the towels or the rugs into the washing machine, and try to get the bathroom cleaned before the washing cycle ends.

For me, cleaning the shower is the most time consuming. Thus, I usually clean it first - because I know that once that is done, it is downhill from there. There are quite a few products that are made specifically to clean a shower. Now, if the soap scum in the shower is really bad, you should allow the cleaner to soak for a time before you start scrubbing it. While you are waiting for the cleaner to "soften" the scum, make use of the time by cleaning the shower curtain or the shower door and track. Once you have cleaned these, return to the shower and scrub away. To finish up the shower, rinse it really well with water to get rid of any other loose dirt and chemicals.

Pat yourself on the back! You've completed the hardest part. From there, since you are feeling good, I would go directly to the toilet.

Squirt some toilet bowl cleaner inside of the toilet and let it soak. Next, clean the lid on the tank. The order of the next two steps is up to you, depending on how much soaking the toilet bowl needs. Use a brush to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. Use disinfectant to wipe the toilet seat, the rim of the bowl and both sides of the lid. Then use the disinfectant to clean the base of the toilet. Yes, it is Yucky, but you need to reach around to the back to get the whole base.

Next, clean the sink including the faucets. Any product meant to clean bathroom or kitchen surfaces is fine for cleaning the sink. Also clean any counter tops and the pedestal part of a pedestal sink.

Next step is the mirrors. Use a glass cleaner and a dust free rag to clean these. You could also use soapy water and a squeegee.

The last things to do in the bathroom are to mop the floor, empty the garbage, and put down a fresh rug, and hang clean towels.

Clean a Bathroom, Step-by-Step

Penelope Pettikrew is known as the Speed Cleaning Queen. She has spent over 25 years optimizing her cleaning methods so that she could spend less time cleaning and more time with her daughter and husband. In her latest book, "Speed Cleaning Secrets Revealed," she shares her techniques for getting the maximum amount of cleaning done in a minimum amount of time. If you would like more tips on cleaning a bathroom, please visit SpeedCleaningCentre.com

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