When applying for any job, your resume is the tool that qualifies you for the position and gets you an interview. Most resume templates you find in books or on the internet focus on business employment. So how do you write a resume for housekeeper employment that looks professional and includes all the information you need the hiring employer to know about you and your qualifications? Do not worry - you can write a professional resume for housekeeper employment by following these easy tips.

Write a Great Objective Statement


The objective statement at the top of your resume is a brief, one-sentence statement that summarizes what you want, what you have to offer, and how you can benefit the hiring company. A professional objective statement sets the tone for your resume. For example, "To secure contract employment as a housekeeper where I can use my industry expertise and exceptional attention to detail to improve the quality of my client's surroundings."

Include Relevant Job Experience

When listing job experience, make sure you include all relevant skills used or acquired with each job. List each housekeeping position you have held (if any), and then list each job that required skills related to housekeeping. For example, a secretarial position might not seem relevant, but the organizational and multi-tasking skills you demonstrated in the position are essential to employment as a housekeeper. List the relevant skills under each job position. As a rule of thumb, do not include more than four or five jobs.

Highlight Other Qualifications

If your job experience does not support employment as a housekeeper, include a section on your resume that lists other qualifications. Have you been a homemaker for twelve years? Do you make your own cleaning solutions? Do you run a household of six children? Include any special skills or situations that relate to the housekeeper role and make you stand out as an exceptional candidate.

Resume For Housekeeper Employment - Tips For Writing a Professional Resume

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