The smell of your home is not just a scent its something that can appeal to your guests' hearts. Keeping your home smelling fresh all day as well as keeping it clean is equally important as a clean and fresh home evoke pleasant moods and vibes.

Just imagine living in a house that smells. Nobody wants to live in a house like that. We all long for a house that can be made into a home and one that can make us feel safe and secure.

\"clean Home\"

So how do they do it? The following are random tips on how to keep your homes fresh all day:

1. Flowers are not just for decorative purposes. They can be also used to liven up one's home as well as to scent it. Choose flowers that can render your room a classic and sophisticated look. Match them with the color, theme and the pieces in your room. For example, if you are techie and your room's full of gadgets, choose multicolored flowers. They are perfect as accents to your not so colorful room and they also evoke long-lasting freshness. Examples are lilies and long-stemmed roses.

2. The location and where you place your flowers are also important. Make sure to place them in a central location so that the scent will exude throughout. Also choose flowers whose scents give off amazing fragrance. For this, you might want to consider eucalyptus.

3. Scented candles can add dramatic fragrance to your homes. Make sure to play with the scents. Mix and match scents to make it more powerful. Induce the feeling of calmness with these fragrances. But be sure to not overuse these scents. Some people may not be able to tolerate strong scents given off by scented candles.

4. Freshen up curtains, linens and their storages by using scented sprays. Lavender and lemon scents can be very appealing. This trick will surely freshen out your home.

5. Also scent your bathrooms using bath oils and fresh petals. These can also be used to decorate bowls and bath tubs. Just wait until the water cools and surely the fragrance will linger and radiate throughout the room.

6. Fill throw pillows and couch with fresh leaves such as lavender or eucalyptus. This will surely release strong fragrance as one sits on this. Nothing's like having to enjoy sitting on your favorite couch and smelling the fresh scents of nature.

7. Place pieces of potpourri in fish bowls in your hallways or in front of your doors. Stimulate more fragrance regularly by adding drops of fresh oils. This is a really nice idea to welcome your guests with an impression.

8. Sprinkle fresh lemon scents on your carpets and rugs before having it cleaned. Carpets are one of the most likely places where the bad smell mostly comes from. So make sure that you properly clean this regularly with an addition of your favorite scent.

9. Use home cleaners applied on wipes and paper towels to dust off your appliances, vases, windows etc. Some home cleaners may be bad for you as these products contain hazardous and toxic chemicals that may cause serious health conditions. Always be sure to use only those natural products which are not only fresh-smelling, they are organic as well.

These products do not even make your hands prunie just like what you get from those chlorine-containing products. Remember that a clean home is a fresh home. So always keep in mind to regularly clean your home and dust them properly. This will not only prevent bad smells but also revive the smell you have been wanting for.

How to Keep You Home Smelling Fresh Everyday

Choosing scents that fits your home is easy if you know the secrets. Discover how you can make and choose scents perfect for your home. Also learn the different organic cleaning products that are very useful to cleaning and freshening up your rooms and janitorial cleaning products that will surely give you peace of mind when it comes to the home cleaning products that you're using.

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