With the type of busy lifestyle that we are currently living in, one cannot help but feel tired for most of the time, especially after a day of hard stressful work. In fact, many believe that weekends are for resting and relaxation and should not be wasted on cleaning the house. Then again, having a clean house is important for the overall well being of a person's life, including one's health.

One of the solutions to the dirty house problem is for you to pick up the art of speed cleaning. Speed cleaning is a term to describe the process whereby one does and finishes the house work fast, effectively, and efficiently. This is a process and technique use by the all cleaning companies when they do their work.

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In order to learn the art of speed cleaning and to clean your house faster and cleaner, it is important that you need to forget and change your old habits and mentality about cleaning the house. Obviously they are not correct or as effective; therefore you are finding it hard and time consuming to do your house chores. After which you will need to pick up the two essential aspect or skills of speed cleaning namely, understanding how to use the correct tools and right technique.

Using the Right Tools for the Job

One of the top secret in speed cleaning is to learn how to use the correct cleaning tools for the right job. Most often than not, people do not know how to use the right tools during cleaning and thus slow them down by more than 2 times according to many cleaning experts. It is not difficult to pick up this skill and you can do this by simply opening up your eyes and ears.

Firstly, you can go to the local Hardware store and scan through the cleaning tools that are available, read the instructions or ask the staff on how to use the tools effectively and efficiently. There are also many television programs that teach people on how to clean the right way. See, learn and remember to keep them in mind and make sure you practice them the next time you clean up your house.

According to many cleaning specialist, an excellent cleaning tool that most families surprising lack is the long handled ceiling brush. These brushes will enable you to reach out and clean difficult to get to areas and appliances like your ceiling fan and lightings effectively. Without the help of the brush, one would need to climb onto a chair or ladder, stretch his muscles and definitely waste more time.

Using the Right Cleaning Technique

Learn how to clean like the professionals. There are reasons why they clean up a place in such a manner that is more effective. Where and how you should to clean a room, the techniques use is important in speed cleaning. Doing it correctly will reduce your cleaning time by half.

One useful technique on speed cleaning would be to organize your cleaning supplies is such a way that they are place close to you. This makes sense so that you will not have to search the whole house for any specific cleaning supplies when you need to use them. Put all your cleaning tools and solutions in a sling bag and pouch around your body or in a pail so that all the tools you need are a second away.

Secondly, you should as far as possible clean the room in a circular manner from top to bottom. That would ensure that you leave nothing out and having to come back and clean up a particular spot again.

Start to master the art of speed cleaning by learning the two simple tips mention above. If you follow and practice them diligently, you will be amaze by the huge different it make when you clean your house. I assure that it would surely save you plenty of time, headaches and effort.

Art of Speed Cleaning - Clean Your House Fast, Effectively and Efficiently

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