What you wouldn't give to have your house clean and sparkling like the ones displayed in those famous showrooms but the reality is, once you and your family stepped into your home, opened the fridge and lived there, it has all been a huge arena for dust and dirt. To top it off, your surfaces seem to be clamoring for your elbow grease and cleaning products as times goes by. How come all you see are smudges even when you periodically wash and clean your house? You are even struggling to clean those hard-to-reach places and yet you still find out that more work needs to be done. It all seems pointless somehow.

The secret to having those gleaming surfaces is to first identify what type of surfaces you have in your house and start from there. Once you have an idea on that, the next step would be to get the cleaners and tools that are made specifically for your surfaces that you are dealing with. For instance, if you went for stainless steel surfaces then you might have to be in for some really serious and heavy cleaning. Unfortunately this type of surface has a stain that more or less is impossible to remove but the good news is that with the right information you can keep all your stainless steel in top condition, from your countertops and cookware to your forks, spoons and knives.

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Believe it or not, your number one enemy is water because it leaves spots especially on your stainless steel surfaces such as your countertops. So be very sure to wipe your countertop with a clean and dry towel each and every time it gets wet. If the water mark stays there then just apply liquid dish detergent but make sure that it is not diluted. Use all natural and safe cleaning supplies in order to protect your body and of course the environment.

Another option would be to thoroughly clean the area with a soft cloth that is dipped in rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately for scratches, prevention is still the best cure because the moment that this type of surface gets scratched, there is literally nothing you can do to fix it. That is why if you really go for stainless steel appliances then choose one with a matte surface rather than a shiny surface. Matte surfaces show less visible imperfections such as a scratch. Another great tip is to never ever use scouring powders that are abrasive or scrub pads when you are cleaning stainless steel surfaces.

For dullness, you can just use a clean cloth to buff stainless steel when it is dry because in no time at all this will restore its shine. Caring for your flatware can be challenging because acids and salts in foods can pit the stainless steel surface. If you have flatware that has a pitting problem then rinse those surfaces as soon as possible after use and just machine or hand wash them with hot water and detergent.

Use all natural cleaning products in order to ensure your safety as well as for your loved ones. This may surprise you but certain housekeeping activities can soothe the frayed nerves of a tired soul. Somehow cleaning can create a gratifying sense that something, at least one small corner of the world, has been put to right and all is well.

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