Those of us with families know it's a never ending job: how in the world are we expected to keep our house clean with a million things going on at once? Whether you are shuttling the kids to school, balancing your own career, making dinner, feeding the dog, or simply trying to find a few minutes for yourself, there isn't a lot of time left in the day to keep your house clean. This article will outline a few simple checklists for each room in your house. You can clean each room in less than 10 minutes! Honest!

Let's start in the kitchen. The most important thing to remember is that if you begin with a clean kitchen, there should be only a few maintenance tasks to do each day. The sink is a big one. Be sure to clean out the sink and rinse it well. This means no dishes left in there! All dirty dishes should be in the dishwasher and the countertops should be clear enough for you to wipe them down as well. Wipe the stove top and clean up any spills on the floor. Ensure the dish towels are folded or hung to dry and you're done!

Clean Home

Next, let's move on to the bathroom. If you share a bathroom with anyone, you know what a nightmare this can be. Take the time to wipe out the sink, clear spots off the mirror, wipe the toilet seat, quickly scrub the bowl, and spray the shower curtain each day. This way the grime won't build up and become unbearable to remove.

Next, we'll hit the bedroom. The tasks in this room to help keep your house clean usually require more sorting than actual cleaning. Fold your clothes or put them in the laundry hamper. Make sure all jewelry is put away where it belongs. Make the bed! This simple step can work wonders on a messy bedroom! Ensure the surface of your night tand table is clear of clutter and neatly organized. This may mean stacking your night reading books or putting glasses and mugs in the dishwasher.

Lastly, we will keep our house clean with a little tidying of the living room. Fluff sofa pillows, fold any blankets or throws across the back of the sofa. If you don't want to invest time in a whole room vacuum, grab the handheld and pick up crumbs that are visible on the sofa or rugs. Spot clean fingerprints and stains while straightening magazines and books on the coffee table. Major clutter should be picked up and put out of sight as well. Organized video games and movies so that they don't end up under your feet!

In this way, you can see it's easy to keep your house clean with as little as ten minutes in each room. Take the time to do this every day and the jobs won't build up or become overwhelming.

How to Keep Your House Clean

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