A motorcycle jacket is a great way of keeping safe on the road, and also a great way to get dirty. Thorough out a days ride, you can pick up, sweat stains, dirt, bug guts, air pollution, and even exhaust smells. To ensure that you stay looking cool and clean follow the steps below to clean up your motorcycle jacket.

The first step in cleaning your jacket is to disassemble it. It is recommended to remove any of the armor and lining in your jacket. This will ensure that you have hit all the spots in your jacket, and protect the jacket from damage. First fill a small bucket with hot sudsy water and vinegar. Then take a sponge and wipe down the plastic armor. Then let the plastic armor air dry. For a simple cleaning of the mesh coat and lining is to just simply put it the washing machine. Cold water would be appropriate. Make sure to remove all the pads and armor from the jacket. If you keep the pads in while washing, the jacket maybe damaged.

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To remove asphalt from your jacket, follow the suggested steps below to better your self along the way. You should first start by removing all the excess wet or dry material before you attempt to clean. Then follow this step by blotting wet materials using a white towel. It is then suggested to vacuum any excess dry materials or gently scrape up materials with a spoon. A great solvent that you can use to clean asphalt stains mix about a half teaspoon of dish washing soap or fine fabric detergent into a cup of warm water. Press down hard with the towel, and blot the stain away. You also may add vinegar to this solvent. Never blot the stain or rub, this may cause the stain to smear tremendously and damage your motorcycle jacket [http://pcleaners.com/motorcyclejacket.html]

How to Clean a Motorcycle Jacket

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