Please do not read this article if you have a week constitution or have just eaten. The TV show I am about write about in this article uncovers some pretty disgusting situations.

How clean is Your House is a hit television series in the UK which is aired on Channel 4. The basic premise of the show is that two lovely ladies called Kim and Aggie visit the dirtiest homes in the country with their cleaning team in order to completely transform them.

Clean Home

The depths to which some people have sunk is often horrific and shocking. But in truth makes the show very compelling to watch appealing to the voyeuristic nature that most of us have.

It is amazing to see the amount of filth that people live in just through neglecting their homes. Often as a result of the build of dirt and junk they will have infestations of vermin and unpleasant insects.

Kim and Aggie go through each home room by room, cleaning and tidying as they go and provide the home owner with tips and instructions on how to maintain their home.

The highlight of the show for me is when they take swaps from particularly dirty surfaces such as floors, worktops and ceramic tiles which get analysed scientifically. The results are often astounding with people living with really health threatening germs such as salmonella. In a recent episode a guy with a really long beard was found to have vermin waste and really nasty bacteria growing in it.

Hope is restored as by the end of each episode the house in question will be completely renewed and look great leaving the viewer with a nice warm feeling.

How Clean is Your House? - The Channel 4 TV Series

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